Older people have last wishes too

After a Dutch ambulance driver stopped off to let a dying man revisit his favourite canal, he realised that it isn’t only kids who have last wishes. Older people may want different things from those widely advertised, aspirational end of bucket lists:

“Maybe the things we remember at the end aren’t the time we went skydiving or the time we hiked across Europe. When our time is up, maybe what we’ll remember most is more mundane — the tacky wallpaper in the house we grew up in, a sunny day spent on the water, or those little everyday moments spent with the people we love the most.

Whatever it is, it’s comforting to know there are people out there who want our last memories of this place to be good ones.”

So “maybe it’s better to cherish what we have rather than spend so much time thinking about all the things we haven’t done yet.”

Please make a moment to look at this moving and beautiful article. I’m especially keen on Mario, going to see his favourite giraffe.

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