Muslim burials with Edencare: a simple act of kindness

This week I was honoured to attend the Muslim burial of baby Adam Hussain.

Funeral costs are rising at around 10 times the cost of inflation. Burials cost even more than cremations, and same-day or very quick burials are a key part of end of life care for Muslims. This means that needy Muslims can have serious financial problems after someone dies. The video below describes how Edencare helped with the practical and financial issues of Adam Hussain’s Muslim burial.

I’m not a Muslim myself (as you can see, from my sloppy headscarf!) but attended in support of the family, and the other members of the Edencare team.

I support the simple acts of kindness offered by Edencare and their Muslim burial fund. As part of that, I’ve already have been on some Muslim burial training with Edencare, as in the video here:

The training was a very full explanation of the things that are compulsory and permitted in a Muslim burial

Imams often get a bad press, but the the man training us was obviously very caring, as well as an eminent scholar. It’s easy to get fixated on specific details of a Muslim funeral but, as he said: be as gentle with a dead body as you would be with a live person. The key thing is to do the best for the person.

If you would like to support Edencare, please donate through:

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