Many dying mothers don’t get to say goodbye to their children

I was sad and horrified to read this American study of 344 widowed fathers who had lost a spouse to cancer and were raising dependent children.

According to the men, 38% of mothers had not said goodbye to their children before death and 26% were not at all ‘at peace with dying’.

This was a self-selected group, replying through an open-access educational website.

But … it’s AWFUL if even one mother isn’t helped to say goodbye to their children.

Not only for her, but also for her children.

The objective reads:

Despite the importance of parenting-related responsibilities for adult patients with terminal illnesses who have dependent children, little is known about the psychological concerns of dying parents and their families at the end of life (EOL). The aim of this study was to elicit widowed fathers’ perspectives on how parental status may have influenced the EOL experiences of mothers with advanced cancer.

Read the full article by clicking here.

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