Good palliative care resources for patients and carers

These are so good that I think they should be shared more widely. As they say on the TV, this is in no particular order.


It should always be Food First – rather than just thinking about supplements.

Helpful patient leaflets are at:

And there is specific advice for carers of people with dementia at. There’s also some medical bits included here – but the practical advice is just that:


There continues to be understandable concern about dying patients left without access to water. A helpful leaflet from St Christophers hospice for carers and some patients makes it clear that it is often the illness which is making the body systems fail, not a lack of fluid.

Imaginative advice for carers about mouth care is at:


Patients may appreciate the leaflets at: or

This is a bit more medical:!scenario:1 . But the section about ‘simple measures’ is useful.


For patients with COPD, there’s a great 26 min video about Advanced Care Planning at:

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation:

These Welsh videos were designed to help doctors and nurses talk to patients, but were also made to be seen by patients. See: and

If you have suggestions about other good resources, please let me know!

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