Edencare Muslim Burial Fund 

BME people have specific end of life needs. Even so, services are usually ‘provided for’ rather than  ‘developed with’ Muslim communities.

Muslims want to have funerals as soon as possible, and also avoid cremation. It is customary for Muslim communities to spontaneously help with burial costs. But, like across the rest of the UK, there is increasing funeral poverty. Since burials are even more expensive than cremations, there are significant practical and financial pressures on dying Muslims and their families.

Muslim community members in Tower Hamlets have therefore developed a Muslim Burial Fund.

The Burial Fund provides a simple act of kindness.

By breaking the tabu around discussing death, the service also promotes engagement with the local Muslim end of life service.

See the film here from one family member, saying thank you for the help they received: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bl2AyVpeIjk

Find out more about Edencare here – there’s a donate button, if you are able to support their good work.


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