Edencare EOL care: working WITH the community

Edencare is an end of life service. It community-led: working with the community, rather than providing services ‘for’ or ‘to’ needy people.

It’s a volunteer-led and funded service, which started in January 2015 with nothing but “a vision and total dependency on volunteers and their time … Every volunteer has played a crucial role in the success of the organisation to date.”

I was proud to be invited to the Awards Ceremony

On Sunday, volunteers came together to celebrate their achievements and recognise the impact of this contribution in enabling the organisation to reach its goal. Thirty-five volunteers were recognised for their time, effort and contribution – and four of these volunteers received awards for their exceptional contribution.

I’ve been impressed by their innovative and responsive work. This includes befriending and advocacy as well as burial support, and a 24/7 emergency service. So I was proud and pleased to be invited to their recent awards ceremony.

More details are here, but awards included:

Taheya Ayazi – Eden Care Befriender of the year 2016. She received her award for outstanding contribution to visiting terminally ill people, supporting and advocating for them.

Ahad Miah – Muslim Burial Fund Volunteer of the year 2016. He was recognised for his significant contribution to helping needy individuals and families with burials. He has visited service users reaching the end of their life, often late at night, as part of the Eden Care emergency service.

Hamida Rahman Chowdhury – Volunteer of the year 2016 for her outstanding contribution to all the programmes. Her compassion and hard work have helped many needy individuals.

Shanaz Rashid – Volunteer of the year 2016 for her outstanding contribution to all the programmes. Shanaz is a valued talent in the community and has contributed both strategically and with hands on project work. Her passion and hard work was clear for all to see during the recent Lesvos aid mission.

The Management Committee members, who are local volunteers, were also recognised for their support in providing strategic direction and overseeing the management of the organisation.

Volunteer of the year Shanaz Rashid said: “The last 18 months have been an amazing journey for many of the volunteers who have become close friends and contributed to the development of communities in the UK and across the world. We hope our organisation continues to grow to serve the needy people and for that we will prioritise in investing in volunteers who are the backbone of this organisation.”

Find out more about Edencare here – there’s a donate button, if you are able to support their good work.

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