Edencare appeal: Ramadan 2017: Friday 2 Jun 6pm-4am: Sky 814


I’m proud to be a volunteer for Edencare. This is a BME-led volunteer group helping needy people and families who are nearing the end of life. It works with the community, rather than providing services ‘for’ or ‘to’ needy people.

The Edencare appeal for Ramadan 2017 will be live on Sky 814 on Friday 2 June from 6pm til 4am. If you want to speak to us in the studio, the number is 0208 523 4111. I’m on air from 6 to 7pm – but other members of the Edencare Family will be there all through the night.

If (surely it’s when!) you want to donate, the number is 0208 523 1666

Here’s the 2017 Ramadan appeal video:

The focus this year is the Muslim Burial Fund (MBF). This community led service helps needy Muslims have culturally appropriate funerals. A poster about MBF was selected for the 2016 Hospice UK conference: read more here. See some videos about the Muslim Burial Fund here.

Please donate whatever you can!

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