Economical Funerals?

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Economical funerals sounds like a contradiction in terms – since they just keep on and on getting more and MORE expensive!

A funeral using a funeral director costs on average £4,078. In London, the cost is almost double this.

 I’m NOT suggesting that you or your family wants something cheap and nasty!
But you wouldn’t buy a car or something else costing THOUSANDS of pounds without checking out the options
And there are massive variations depending on the funeral director, and what options can be chosen for more economical funerals.
Put your postcode in here for local information.
Remember to tick the box for ‘search direct cremations’ if that’s what you want – that’s the cheapest option

‘Funeral plans’ are on the TV at the moment – suggesting that these are ‘the thing to do’ for caring mums and dads / grans and grandads. BUT .. are they just a con?

Do funeral plans actually provide economical funerals at all?

Like with a funeral, I think you need to be very very careful when / if you buy a funeral plan!
There’s some good general advice here

It’s not only me thinks you have to be careful: look at this from the Daily Mail. That’s not a publication  I frequently recommend, but they have summed up the recent Fairer Finance report well. The actual report they are referring to is here

SO please don’t just agree to the first funeral / funeral plan you think of / see!

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