Being buried as a tree?

Instead of paying for a coffin which is only going to be used for just a few days, how about being buried in a bio-degradable ‘seed’ – small of ashes, larger to fit a foetal-position body?
Instead of a graveyard, a growing forest, respected and protected by the local community. Capsula Mundi is imagining just this.

Capsula Mundi: concept and practicality. Image from:

I think it sounds great.

The only small question I have is about the selection of the trees. Capsula Mundi advertise their idea under the heading: Which tree would you like to be? There is surely something of a tension between this choice, and the effects on the neighbours. Whether those neighbours be other bodies/embryonic trees, or the bird and insect neighbours living in any forest. I know it’s picky, but everyone can’t become a Giant Redwood! And any non-indigenous trees can’t ever be as supportive of the rest of the environment.

More Capsula Mundi images. Is that a bird in the growing tree? Image from

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  • Caroline Mawer

    This is such a great idea!