Antibiotics surely a bigger problem than opiates?

Malpractice around opiates can easily be covered up, since GP prescriptions cannot be traced back to the prescribers – according to GPonline. Another Shipman is quite possible.

But antimicrobial resistance is coming soon, to a world near us. With potentially apocalyptic results!

Actually resistance has already arrived. Even if the apocalypse hasn’t quite yet happened.

Since there have been clear and positive results from providing personalised feedback about antibiotic prescribing, then SURELY personalised prescribing is just as – or even more – important for antibiotics than it is for opiates?

You might want to look again at my report on the Lancet trial of a cheap and easy – and effective – intervention. Here’s the Lancet podcast again too. It’s very clear and only 11 minutes.

I had an idea that prescribers without a personalised number – locums, those working in out of hours settings – might be at higher risk for inappropriate prescribing? Is this true?

Even if it’s not so, then providing properly personalised prescribing information surely has to be one of the many things we need to do to get antimicrobial prescribing under control!


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