This blog shares current knowledge you can use to make a difference. Most of it is useful straight away – the rest will hopefully get you thinking. My aim is to help families – and maybe even some healthcare workers.

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Here’s a short bio about me:

I’ve been a doctor for nearly 30 years, working everywhere from the Siberian tuberculosis prisons to the actively volcanic island of Montserrat, as well as in the UK. My work in Siberia got me especially interested in antibiotics and antibiotic resistance.

I’m trained both as a General Practitioner and a Consultant in Public Health. Most recently, I’ve been working in Urgent Care services.

In the UK, I’ve worked on commissioning and redesigning sexual health services in SE London – and on the first explicit rationing of local health services. I have had a special interest in the last years of life since my very first job: when I worked in oncology, and with AIDS patients in the terrible years before there was any effective treatment for HIV.

I’ve also got a big thing going on with Iran: travelling there frequently, and writing both academically and more popularly. My forthcoming book is a close-up view on modern Iran. It is called: The Shah Road: One Woman’s Journey across Iran. For some of my Iran photos, and my publications and lecturing on Iran, see: www.carolinemawer.com




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